Allied Health Professionals

Project lead

Jennie Money

Cheshire and Merseyside AHP Workforce Lead, St Helen’s and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

The AHP Workforce Lead post will continue to establish, lead, and oversee a system-wide programme (across all Trusts within both MHLDC and CMAST provider collaboratives) to implement system, region and national AHP workforce priorities.

Case for change

There is an ongoing need for system-wide AHP workforce transformation which includes the following needs:

  • Providing system-wide AHP workforce development infrastructure focused on leadership, oversight and collaboration across providers and programme management of existing and newly emerging AHP workforce transformation.
  • Assisting the delivery of the Clinical and Care Leadership Framework principles.
  • Assisting to maintain workforce planning and development across providers and building on previous provider level AHP workforce projects to integrate AHP workforce planning to develop a system-wide AHP strategic workforce plan.

Anticipated benefits

  • AHP strategic leadership, expertise and oversight of AHP workforce, education and transformation within Cheshire and Merseyside.
  • Efficiency of function that otherwise has relied on discretionary effort by provider organisation AHP leadership.
  • Regional and national collaboration and connectivity.
  • Achievement of key objectives and expansion of AHP workforce programme.
  • Acting as conduit and developing relationships between provider organisations and the integrated care system (ICS) and Board (ICB) to ensure AHP workforce is integral and can support strategic priorities such as health inequalities, meeting demand and transforming care.
  • Co-ordinated utilisation of funding opportunities to gain efficiencies at scale.

Key milestones

Recruitment to C&M AHP Workforce Lead or contract extension for existing personnel


Delivery infrastructure for key workstreams in place and associated KPIs


Agreed integration and connectivity with wider system workstreams


Implementation of key activities and actions across the programme


Business plan for role beyond March 2024


End of programme report