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survey - urgent care

Making Urgent Care Better in Wirral  

Have your Say

Urgent Care is things like:

 Walk in Centres
 Out of hours GPs
 Minor illness and injury units. 

Urgent Care needs to change because people don’t always know where to go for the right help.

It can also be hard to get appointments.

This means some people go straight to A&E.

This can make waiting times very long in A&E.

We need to make Urgent Care better so people only go to A&E when they really need to.



Urgent Treatment Centre

We need to have a new Urgent Treatment Centre in Wirral.

This will be for people who need to see a doctor or nurse quickly but not for an emergency.

You will be able to book appointments at the Urgent Treatment Centre so you don’t have to wait a long time. It will also have a walk in service.

The Urgent Treatment Centre will be next door to A&E at Arrowe Park Hospital.

We think this is the best place because you can have tests and X-Rays if you need them.

You can also go to A&E quickly if you get very ill.


Other plans


More GP appointments from 8am – 8pm every day. 

If you can’t see your GP then you can book an appointment with a GP or nurse in your local area.


A walk-in service for children

This will be for things like:

- high temperature
- sickness
- small cuts and bruises.
You can also book appointments so the children don’t have to wait long.

A special service for wounds and cuts

This will be for people who need a bandage or to get a cut cleaned. You can book appointments.

These services would be in 4 areas of Wirral:
 South Wirral
 West Wirral
 Birkenhead
 Wallasey


But there would be no walk in centres for adults except for the new Urgent Treatment Centre at Arrowe Park Hospital.


Tell us what you think - please answer these questions.

1. What do you think about having more GP appointments in these 4 areas?

 Wallasey
 Birkenhead
 South Wirral
 West Wirral







2. What do you think about having more local appointments instead of walk-in centres?








3. What do you think about having a walk-in service for children?






4. What do you think about having a bookable service for wounds and cuts in these 4 areas:

 Wallasey
 Birkenhead
 South Wirral
 West Wirral







5. We haven’t decided where to put the walk in services for children or the wounds and cuts service.
Please tick the things that are most important to you.

Easy to get to on train or bus

Close to home

Buildings that are easy to get into


Easy to get an appointment when it suits you

Anything else?




6. Which opening times are best? (Please Circle One)

Option 1
The Urgent Treatment Centre is open 24 hours.
Wound care and the walk-in service for children are open 8 hours a day.


Option 2
The Urgent Treatment Centre is open 15 hours.
Wound care and the walk-in service for children are open 12 hours a day.



7. Do you have any other comments?





About you

You don’t have to answer these questions if you don’t want to. If you do answer them we will not use your information for anything else.

1. Are you:



Prefer not to say

2. How old are you?

Under 18 years

18 to 24 years

25 to 34 years

35 to 44 years

45 to 54 years

55 to 64 years

65 to 74 years

75 to 84 years

85+ Prefer not to say


3. Do you have a disability?



Prefer not to say


What type of disability do you have?



4. What is your ethnic background?

White Welsh/English/Scottish/Northern Irish/British

Irish White Gypsy or Irish Traveller

Asian or Asian British Bangladeshi

Asian or Asian British Indian

Asian or Asian British Chinese

Asian or Asian British Pakistani

Black, or Black British African

Black, or Black British Caribbean

Mixed Asian and White

Mixed Black African and White

Mixed Black Caribbean and White


Prefer not to say

Other (please state):


5. What is your sexuality?

Heterosexual/ Straight Bisexual

Lesbian woman Gay man

Prefer not to say


6. What is your religion?







No Religion

Prefer not to say

Other (please state) 



7. What is your postcode?



Thank you very much


Send us your answers

Please send your answers to us by Wednesday 12th December 2018

Please send to:
Urgent Care Consultation
NHS Wirral CCG
Marriss House (Formerly Old Market House)
Hamilton Street
CH41 5AL


You can call us on 0151 541 5416

Or you can come to our next Public Meeting. The time and place will be on our website

We will also put the days in the Wirral Globe Newspaper.

You can also watch videos about urgent care on our website.