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Mental Health

We understand that everybody has mental health, and many people at some point in their lives may need support to stay emotionally and psychologically well. In fact, 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem every year. NHS Wirral CCG are committed to ensuring that the people of Wirral have the support they need for their mental health, whether that be information and signposting, counselling or perhaps more specialist mental health services.


Healthy Wirral

As part of the Healthy Wirral plan, Wirral CCG and local partners have identified four key priority areas for mental health on Wirral:



Dementia is a national and local challenge for health and social care. In Wirral, there are currently 5086 people aged 65+ estimated to be living with dementia. This is projected to rise to 7155 people aged 65+ living with dementia by 2035, an increase of 41%. The Wirral Dementia Strategy sets out the strategic vision for improving dementia care in Wirral to ensure that we are able to support people to live well with dementia now and in the years to come.

The strategy is structured around NHS England’s “Well Pathway for Dementia” and outlines the priorities, actions and outcomes we want to achieve in dementia care in Wirral including:

  • Reducing the risk of developing dementia
  • Timely and accurate dementia diagnosis and care planning
  • Improving access to post-diagnostic support for people with dementia and carers
  • Helping people to live well with dementia in the community
  • Supporting people with dementia and their carers with end of life planning

The Wirral Dementia Strategy has been developed in partnership with people living with dementia, (including carers and families), health and social care professionals and members of the Wirral Dementia Strategy Board.


Crisis care

We are working hard to improve the crisis care provision on Wirral to provide high quality support for people in mental health crisis. In 2018, in partnership with Cheshire and Wirral Partnership Trust (CWP) and the Spider Project based in Birkenhead, we were successful in applying for over £700k in capital funding from the Department Of Health to develop alternatives to crisis support on Wirral. This includes the development of:

  • An alternative to inpatient admission suite for people with a serious mental illness who are under the care of CWP based at Clatterbridge Health Park and;
  • A community “crisis café” offering a place of safety and calm for people in mental health crisis where they can access support with social issues and take part in creative arts activities with the Spider Project.

Wirral CCG and our local partners are currently working hard to develop and implement these services, to ensure that if you are in mental health crisis, no matter where you are on Wirral; there is appropriate support available for you. 


Physical Health in Serious Mental Illness

Research shows that poor physical health is common in people diagnosed with serious mental illnesses (SMI) and because of this, people with SMI on average have a life expectancy 15-20 years less than someone without an SMI.


In order to address this gap and improve physical health outcomes for people with SMI, Wirral CCG are working with colleagues in primary and secondary care to ensure that people with SMI receive annual physical health checks to monitor whether they are at risk of developing serious physical health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. This will support clinical staff to intervene at an earlier stage by providing healthy lifestyle advice and interventions to help prevent conditions from developing in the future.


Talking Together Living Well Wirral (IAPT) 

IAPT services provide NHS talking therapies for people who are struggling with managing their mental health including stress, anxiety and depression. Therapies can include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and counselling, and are delivered by fully trained and accredited practitioners.


In April 2019, new provider Insight Healthcare launched ‘Talking Together Wirral’ in partnership with CWP, Cruse Bereavement Care, Involve North West, Age UK Wirral and Open Door Centre. Our focus is on continuous improvement of the service, ensuring that people who are referred to the service are able to access the appropriate therapies they need in a timely manner.


If you would like to learn more about or access Talking Together Wirral, please click here for the website where you can find further information about the service, including how to self-refer via phone, or the online referral form. Alternatively, your GP or another health or social care professional can refer you.


Help in a crisis

If you are feeling unable to cope or are having thoughts about suicide and self-harm, please see the CWP website here to find help and support.


If you are not able to keep yourself safe and there is an immediate risk to yourself, please go to your nearest Accident and Emergency (A&E) department. A mental health practitioner will be able to assess you or give you appropriate help.

For information on mental health services in Wirral please visit Cheshire and Wirral Partnership (CWP) website. CWP provide mental health, substance misuse, learning disability and community physical health services on Wirral.