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Service Review Consultation Overview


8th February 2017

Re: NHS Wirral CCG decides on some changes to clinical services following a public consultation.

The Governing Body of the NHS Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group met on 7/2/17 and decided on changes to some of the clinical services that it routinely commissions.  The views of the public and other stakeholders were gathered during a consultation and this was considered at the meeting along with other evidence.

Dr Paula Cowan, Medical Director and Wirral GP comments:

‘The decisions taken follow an informed discussion between Governing Body members which considered the evidence for each clinical service as well as the views gathered from the public, stakeholders and clinical colleagues during consultation. Whilst we have decided to stop the routine commissioning of some services, we have also been responsive to feedback and following discussion at the meeting some services will not be changed or we have decided to introduce changes that are not as restrictive as originally proposed.’

‘This reflects that the CCG is open, transparent and responsive in its decision making as it deals with the challenges that growing demand for services will have in the future.’

Individual Funding Requests (IFR) will be available for all procedures if the patient is deemed clinically exceptional. 

Details of the decisions made at the Governing Body meeting can be found on the NHS Wirral CCG website at the following link.