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Antibiotic Resistance and You

Antibiotic Resistance and You!

Wednesday 28 September

University of Manchester, University Place, University of Manchester,

Oxford Road, M13 9PL.

18.00pm – 20.00pm

Antibiotic resistance affects us all, but do you know how?

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats facing us today and the overuse or misuse of antibiotics is making the problem worse.  A public debate focusing on this issue is taking place in Manchester on Wednesday 28 September and you are invited to get involved. This free to attend event will tell you and your family:

  • About antibiotics and why they are so valuable
  • What is antibiotic resistance and how it affects you and your family
  • What we can all do – you, politicians, doctors, pharmacists, etc., – to help solve the crisis of antibiotic resistance

You will hear from individuals whose lives and quality of life have depended on antibiotics.  You will also hear from others who have suffered from drug resistant infections and the problems they had to overcome because of antibiotic resistance.

There is an audience and panel discussion during the meeting and Public Health England wants the public to contribute and give their views. The panel will consist of: policy makers, scientists, microbiologists, veterinarians, healthcare professionals, patients, pharmacists and members of the public.

Come and join in the discussion on how we can work together to combat antibiotic resistance. Take your opportunity to learn more and help protect you and your family from the effects of antibiotic resistance, now and in the future.


You can also help by visiting the Antibiotic Guardian website and pledging to take one simple action to slow resistance

Click to access antibiotic guardian website