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Background Information

There is a huge challenge facing the NHS, Local Government and our partners in the coming years. If we continue to deliver services the way we do now, the demand for services will outweigh the available funding. Thanks to the the services, we have a longer life expectancy than ever before. But for many, living longer comes with increased complex health conditions. Added to this are the greater the expectations of patients, and the cost of new drugs and technologies that enable people to live longer, which mean the NHS will be facing a potential shortfall of £30billion by 2020/21. Alongside this councils have to make unprecedented savings, due to funding reductions from central Government. 

Wirral is consistent with the national trend. Our health and social care system is under increasing financial pressure, and the demand for local services is increasing. Wirral's overall population is projected to rise from 319,863 in 2011 to 324,226 in 2021, with an 18% increase in those over the age of 65. The 2011 Census reported that 36,000 (57%) of over 65's have a long term condition or disability that limits their daily activities. 

Healthy Wirral is Wirral's strategy to try to overcome these challenges. The aim is for quality of care and outcomes to be protected and enhanced, despite increased costs and a potential reduction in funding. We need to transform the way we provide health and social care, to ensure we are working as efficiently as possible, and we will need services that empower patients to manage their own health and wellbeing. 

New models of care will be co-developed with the public and staff, to ensure they meet the needs of the Wirral population. 

Health and social care services are facing the same challenge across the country and the Government and NHS have produced guidance to assist regional services. For more information please see the links on our Publications page. 

Why ‘vision’ and why ‘2018’? The local leaders of health and social care came together in summer 2013 and agreed to work in partnership to develop a health and social care 5 year strategy called “Vision 2018.” The vision which we want to achieve by 2018 is ‘To ensure the residents of Wirral enjoy the best quality of life possible, being supported to make informed choices about their own care, and being assured of the highest quality services.’