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FOI Disclosures February 2017

Document Title
Activity and Finance Plan ID 110.pdf
Alcohol Detoxification Services ID 098.pdf
Attachment ID124.pdf
Autism Services ID 93.pdf
Beds commissioned for Mental Health ID142.pdf
Better Care Fund Contact Details ID134.pdf
CAMHS Spend ID113.pdf
CAMHS Waiting Times ID 112.pdf
CCGs Vision 2018 Strategy ID108.pdf
Commissioning Support Unit Spend ID137.pdf
Community Phlebotomy Procurement ID 97.pdf
Competitively Tendered ID131.pdf
CSU Customer Satisfaction Ratings ID094.pdf
Eligiblity for Bariatric Surgery ID132.pdf
External Recruitment Agencies ID130.pdf
Financial Data ID33.pdf
Free Hearing Aids for Adults ID126.pdf
GP Federations ID143.pdf
GP Information.pdf
GP Practice Contact Details ID124 NEED TO GET ATTACHMENT.pdf
Hearing Aid Market ID115.pdf
Homeopathic Medicine Spend ID129.pdf
Hospital Admission Avoidance Scheme ID 135.pdf
ICT Strategy ID 87.pdf
ICT Strategy Publish Date ID118.pdf
ID 001 Heatlh Needs Assessment.pdf
ID 002 Formulary.pdf
ID 003 Intergrated MSK - Intergrated Pathway.pdf
ID 004 Spend on Consultancy.pdf
ID 005 Diabetic Pen Needles.pdf
ID 006 Spend on Drugs.pdf
ID 008 Spinal Cord Stimulator Funding.pdf
ID 009 IT Staff.pdf
ID 010 Attachement.xlsx
ID 010 Contact Details.pdf
ID 011 Attachment.pdf
ID 011 Better Care Fund.pdf
ID 012 Use of Business Directories.pdf
ID 013 Cholesterol Drugs and Data.pdf
ID 014 Phlebotomy Service.pdf
ID 015 Senior Management Structure Contact Details.pdf
ID 016 Gastric Bypass.pdf
ID 016 Policy Attachment.pdf
ID 017 Decommissioning of CHC Services.pdf
ID 018 Technology.pdf
ID 019 Contracts Held.pdf
ID 019 Further Information.pdf
ID 020 Communication with Sanofi-Aventis.pdf
ID 021 Pulmonary Rehab Service.pdf
ID 023 Patient Engagement.pdf
ID 024 Birth Rates.pdf
ID 025 Waiting Times for Memory Clinics.pdf
ID 026 Diagnostic Clinics.pdf
ID 028 Financial Spent.pdf
ID 029 Voting Members.pdf
ID 030 Further Information.pdf
ID 030 Staff Numbers.pdf
ID 031 Job Vacancies.pdf
ID 032 Safeguarding Manger.pdf
ID 033 Clinical Psychology Provision.pdf
ID 034 CCG Policies.pdf
ID 035 Girtrall Court Procurement.pdf
ID 036 Policies - Interventions not normally undertaken.pdf
ID 037 Triage and Orthapedics.pdf
ID 038 Lynch Syndrome.pdf
ID 039 Clinical Leads.pdf
ID 040 Governing Body.pdf
ID 041 Staff Remuneration.pdf
ID 042 Digital Dictation.pdf
ID 043 Urgent or Unscheduled Care.pdf
ID 044 Complaints.pdf
ID 045 Language Translation.pdf
ID 046 Final attachment.pdf
ID 046 Out of Hours.pdf
ID 047 Complex Care Packages.pdf
ID 048 Clinical Audit Out of Hours.pdf
ID 049 Additional Service Restrictions.pdf
ID 050 Individual Funding Requests.pdf
ID 051 Surgery or Treatment Restrictions.pdf
ID 052 Somatropin Spend.pdf
ID 053 Government Fund Elective Patient Backlogs.pdf
ID 054 Contracts to Provide Healthcare Services.pdf
ID 055 GPOOH Spend.pdf
ID 056 CHC Rate.pdf
ID 057 Spend on Public Realtions.pdf
ID 058 Combating Winter Pressures.pdf
ID 059 Value of Enhanced Services.pdf
ID 060 GPOOH.pdf
ID 061 - Further Information - Personnal Health Budgets.pdf
ID 061 Personnal Health Budgets.pdf
ID 062 CHC.pdf
ID 063 - List of GPs.pdf
ID 063 Attachment.pdf
ID 064 da Vinci robot.pdf
ID 065 Further Information.pdf
ID 065 Standard Acute Contract with Spire Murryfield.pdf
ID 066 Specific External 3rd Party Hosting Contract.pdf
ID 067 Department of Health Allocation.pdf
ID 068 Contractual Disputes with IT suppliers.pdf
ID 069 Time Taken to Pay Invoices.pdf
ID 076 Requesting of Diabetes Related Investigations.pdf
ID 077 Stratigic Plan.pdf
ID 078 Back to Home spend.pdf
ID 079 CHC Claims Outstanding.pdf
ID 080 Staff Sickness.pdf
ID 081.2 IT Server Storage and Maintenance.pdf
ID 082 Contracts with Practice PLC.pdf
ID 084 Referrals to Phycological Theropies.pdf
ID 085 Lead Commissioners for Reablement Services.pdf
ID 086 Assessment of Compliance.pdf
ID 087 IT Documentation.pdf
ID 088 GP Details.pdf
ID 089 Rebate Agreements.pdf
ID 091 Incidences of Re-Induction.pdf
ID 092 CCGs Cinical Priorities.pdf
ID 096 Education Programs Type 2 Diabetes.pdf
ID 101 Congestive Heart Failure.pdf
ID 102 GP Practices.pdf
ID 104 Care Pathyways for Paediatric Continence.pdf
ID 107 Pharmaceutical Rebate Schemes.pdf
ID 109 Value of Enhanced Services 2.pdf
ID 114 Fracture Liaison Service.pdf
ID 117 Lymphoedema and Chronic Oedema.pdf
Infant Nutrition Products Formulary ID123.pdf
IT Maintenance Costs ID 121.pdf
IT Technical Training ID103.pdf
Lifestyle Changes ID136.pdf
Magazine Subscriptions ID 122.pdf
Number of Hearing Aids Issued ID127.pdf
Organisational Contact Details ID119 NEED TO GET ATTACHMENT.pdf
Patients Treated for Migraine ID95.pdf
Post Natal Depression Data ID 116.pdf
Primary Care Mental Health Tender ID141.pdf
Social Media Platform ID 120.pdf
Specialist Nurses ID125.pdf
Tenders ID128.pdf
Vascular Disease Lead ID139.pdf
Wound Care Formulary ID144.pdf