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Support for people with a learning disability and/or autism

Annual Health Checks


Annual Health Checks

Annual health checks are for adults and young people aged 14 or over with a learning disability.

An annual health check helps you stay well by talking about your health and finding any problems early, so you get the right care.

You do not have to be ill to have a health check – in fact, most people have their annual health check when they're feeling well.

If you're worried about seeing a doctor, or there's anything they can do to make your visit better, let the doctor or nurse know. They'll help make sure it goes well for you.

Watch this film about annual health checks for people with a learning disability.

If you would like more information on health checks, including what happens during the health check click on the following link:

Connor Ward talks about his personal experience when going for his Covid vaccination, and has produced a video to help others.

Autism Friendly Vaccination Guide (Autism Assemble) - YouTube

We have been told to wear face coverings in places like shops. This film talks about why a face covering is important, how to wear one safely and why some people might not have to wear one.  If you are worried about what people will say if you are not wearing a face covering this film tells you what the law says about face coverings.

The North West Training and Development Team (NWTDT) have produced video's sharing daily updates to make sure people have accessible, accurate and up to date information about Coronavirus. 

All videos are available on NWTDT YouTube page -

Support during lockdown

Technology helps Mark keep in touch

Mark talks about how technology has helped him keep in touch with his girlfriend during lockdown, they’ve been watching films and joining in yoga and dancing sessions together.

Different ways of coping during lockdown

Patrick talks about how he has coped with life in lockdown and his mum Jenny talks about how she is learning to use technology to support herself and Patrick. 

Allotment helping people during lockdown

The Speak Up allotment is helping people to spend time outdoors with their friends during lockdown, learning new skills and experimenting with growing their own food.

Quizzes, beauty sessions and yoga keeping people busy during lockdown

Alison talks about how daily zoom meetings make sure everyone stays in touch and have what they need. Weekly quizzes, beauty sessions and yoga are helping everyone stay well.

Technology is helping people stay safe and in touch during lockdown

Vicky describes how frequent Zoom meetings for workers and volunteers are making sure people are keeping safe, have food in the house and don’t feel like they are on their own during lockdown.

Supporting each other during lockdown

Steven talks about how having a good friend is helping them both during lockdown.  Talking to each other about how they feel and giving each other advice.

Having people to talk to about feelings really helps

James talks about how a lockdown programme and wellbeing groups have helped him to cope with life during coronavirus. Regular calls to his family, support workers and learning disability nurse have meant that he always has someone to talk to about his feelings.

NHS England and NHS Improvement films

Two short films with people with a learning disability who are employed by NHSEI talking about their experiences of working through lockdown and how work relationships have enabled them to be supported while working at home. Roger Banks, National Clinical Director of Learning Disability and Autism will talk about the importance of friendships and work relationships from a clinical perspective.

Work friendships help increase our confidence and helps reduce stress and anxiety

This learning disability week Roger Banks, National Clinical Director for the learning disability and autism programme and Karl Butler, Learning Disability Adviser talk about the importance of good working relationships and friendships at work. 

Working during lockdown helps keep a sense of purpose and routine

This learning disability week Carl Shaw and David Gill, Learning Disability Advisers talk about how working in a supportive team of people from different backgrounds has helped them to share their feelings whilst keeping a sense of purpose. 


We'll beat this - written by Katie Matthews, Learning Disability network manager at NHS England

Aaron's poem - written by Aaron Wood, Lived Experience Expert Lead for Autism

Other resources to link to

Mencap have put together a friendship pack to help you have a fun video call with your friends, with details of how to make your own friendship flag.  Click here for details