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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision  

 "People will have the opportunity to live longer healthier lives regardless of where they live on Wirral" 

Our Mission  

"To commission high quality services which enable the people of Wirral to improve their own health and well being"  

In doing this we:  

  • Seek to continuously improve services and reduce inequalities  
  • Work with patients, carers and the public when making decisions  
  • Partner with other health and social care bodies in planning and delivery  
  • Perform our duties efficiently and manage our resources effectively  
  • promote the values of the NHS and protect its future  

We became authorised as a clinical commissioning group in March of 2013 and formally assumed this responsibility from April 2013.  

Our Values  

Our vision and mission are underpinned by our values, which are; 

Leadership – that is credible, passionate and ambitous 

Accountability – we will take personal and organisational ownership 

Partnership – we will seek to develop positive relationships with people and our partners 

Quality – We will always seek to raise standards and improve outcomes 

Character – We will be respectful, supportive and transparent 

Integrity – trustful and trustworthy in all we do.  

Our Objectives 

By living by our vision, mission and values, we hope to be able to  

  • Empower the people of Wirral to improve their physical health, mental health and well being 
  • Reduce health inequalities across the Wirral 
  • Adopt a health and well being approach in the way services are both commissioned and provided 
  • Commission and contract services that can; 
  • Demonstrate improved person centered outcomes 
  • Are high quality and seamless for the patients 
  • Are safe and sustainable 
  • Are evidence based 
  • Demonstrate value for money